IPedge Application Server: The Power of IPedge for Strata CIX Systems

The IPedge Application Server for Strata CIX integrates three important applications into a single server. In the process, you save money compared to buying the applications separately, simplify the network infrastructure, and pave the way to evolve to full IP telephony in the future.

Whether you start with one application or all three, the IPedge Application Server for Strata CIX makes you and the business more effective. The Strata CIX system gains the latest IP unified communications and mobility solutions, without forcing you to move entirely to IP.

Call Manager

Call Manager integrates your PC so you can make calls from your contacts, see if colleagues are available, text chat with them, and take office calls at your home office.


Messaging Gives you voicemail, unified messaging, and the ability to make and receive calls on your smartphone.


Meeting makes conference calls more like meetings by enabling you to share documents, presentations and video while talking remotely.

2014 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award

Toshiba Receives 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award for IPedge Application Server, Bringing UC and Mobility Apps to Toshiba’s Legacy Customers.

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The Latest IP Unified Communications and Mobility Solutions

With an IPedge Application Server, your existing Strata CIX system gains unified messaging, unified communications and collaboration—at a lower price than these applications purchased separately or a full IPedge server with call processing. Imagine the possibilities. You and your employees can:

  • Gain customized control over when, where and how you can be reached
  • Organize, view and manage voice mail, email and fax messages in one place
  • Use your iOS® or Android® smartphone as a Strata CIX extension
  • Have incoming calls ring on both your desk phone and smartphone, without revealing the cell phone number
  • Dial, answer, transfer calls and more from a voice-ready laptop or notebook computer—integrating with your contact lists, calendar and CRM system
  • See the busy/available status of colleagues and text chat with them, without ever picking up the phone
  • Collaborate in multimedia conferences (set up via Outlook® Calendar, if desired) where users can share their desktops and video

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