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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Toshiba FAQs are frequently asked questions and answers about our IP telephone systems including: our VIPedge®, cloud-based telephone solution; our IPedge® pure IP, on-premise telephone systems; our Strata® CIX™, converged IP, on-premise telephone systems; and our system applications. Simply select the product category from the drop down menu and/or enter your search term/questions in the box.

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Q: What is the "Estimated Other" charge on the VIPedge invoice? Show / Hide Answer

A: The "Estimated Other" charge on VIPedge is the Federal Tax + State Tax + Shipping. They have to break it out that way because it could possibly vary a little but never does.

Last Updated: 2/25/15

Q: What is the "Accessory User" license used for on VIPedge? Show / Hide Answer

A: This license is to bring up phones that don't need a mail box, Call Manager Adv. UM, or a DID.

Used for lobby phones, break room phones etc.

Last Updated: 2/4/15

Q: Is there a way to migrate ACD, Call Manager/Netphone, call router and Taske licenses from a MAS or dongle to IPedge Virtual Server? Show / Hide Answer

A: Yes:

•ACD, Call Manager/Netphone, call router, IVR licenses can be transfer to the IPedge Virtual Server with ACD ready or App Server with ACD ready.

•Voice mail is not eligible for transfer.

•Must be under software maintenance (SUS)

•Transfer fees may apply.

•Old equipment or dongle must be return back to us within 60 days.

•$99 e-waste/scrape fee.

Last Updated: 1/29/15

Q: •Can you give me more information about Dell Warranty? Show / Hide Answer

A: •Dell comes with the basic three year warranty. The hard disk drive has a one year warranty.

•The basic warranty covers the following (included with order from Toshiba):

•Business Hours Warranty repair

•Customer Self replaceable (CSR) parts

•No Collaborative support

•Out-of-region phone Support

•Next business day limited onsite/return services

Last Updated: 1/29/15

Q: How do I buy Tracer and Talkument call recording solutions since Mitel purchased Oaisys? Show / Hide Answer


Since the acquisition of Oaisys by Mitel, Mitel has changed the way this product is purchased.  Product purchasing and support will now go through EarthBend.

Last Updated: 1/29/15

Q: Is the new single user license I-CP-USR/I-USR-STD backward compatible to systems that are NOT running on v1.6.2? Show / Hide Answer

A: Yes,

Last Updated: 1/29/15

Q: Can a call be made from an Apple iPhone with UCedge? Show / Hide Answer

A: •Same as IPMobility

•Call Through/Call Back

•Requires mailbox (I-MSG-ADV)

•Follow me is used to route inbound calls to the mobile device.

•Softphone (VoIP) for iPhone/iPad will be arriving in the first quarter of 2015.

Last Updated: 1/28/15

Q: If the IPedge have existing Call Manager Advanced license (I-CM-1) and we upgrade to 1.6.2. What license(s) do we use to active softphone (VoIP)? Show / Hide Answer

A: •I-CM-V1

•It’s available to be ordered on FYI.

Last Updated: 1/28/15

Q: Is there a chart on feature comparisons of the differences between Call Manager Standard, Advance, UCedge, IPmobility, etc…? Show / Hide Answer

A: •IPedge Release 1.6.2 - New UCedge for Android and iPhone (11-24-2014) . (PB-0212C )


Last Updated: 1/28/15

Q: After upgrading to v1.6.2 and to Call Manager Advance 8.2 the DSS buttons from other nodes have stopped working? Show / Hide Answer

A: Federation supports instant messaging and presence with third party applications (Google®, Jabber®, and others) using XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). Federation is now used to support BLF and DSS operation for IPedge systems, and across Strata CIX systems with IPedge Application Server and Unifier.

New contact key button

Last Updated: 1/28/15

FAQs 1 - 10 of 140  
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