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VoIP White Papers

Learn more about the capabilities and applications of IP telephone systems.

Converge applications and communication channels for superior collaboration and customer care.
Office phones, cell phones, voice mail, email, videoconferencing, instant messaging and more... your organization has many ways to connect with employees, customers and business partners.

The ability to transfer registration of an IP phone extension among local and remote devices—with portability of all associated features, preferences and privileges—can redefine the economics and productivity benefits of your business communications system.

Presented by: Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division
SIP trunks are setting the stage for an all-IP environment where business communications can be dynamic, blended, multimedia, mobile, efficient and intuitive. Forward-thinking businesses have been quick to take advantage. Others are held back by concerns that have been mitigated or eliminated by technology advances and changing market conditions.

Presented by: Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division
The technology that has enabled large call centers for airlines, banks and governmental agencies is rapidly becoming available to the Small-to-Medium Business (SMB). Prices have dropped dramatically. The skills needed to operate a call center have become simplified and no longer require full-time specialists. This telecom white paper is directed to the owners and managers of SMBs who are considering establishing a call center in their businesses. Its goal is to cut through much of the technical jargon that surrounds call centers and show you some of the day-to-day benefits of a call center that you may not have considered. Also discover how Toshiba's VoIP and digital business telephone solutions and call centerapplications can fulfill your company's telephone system needs.

Presented by: Yankee Group
There are a number of reasons why VoIP has quickly become the newest, most promising and most dynamic voice communications technology within the telecommunications industry today. VoIP promises a vast array of cost-saving and productivity-enhancing benefits, ranging from reduced toll charges and network management expenses to advanced calling features and a more unified and flexible mobile work force.

Presented by: Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division
Unified Messaging (UM) is an application that collects and displays a user’s daily messages, e.g. voice, fax, email, etc. in one store, or location. This paper highlights Toshiba’s Stratagy Enterprise Server (ES) and the product’s competitive advantages.