Customer Proprietary Network Information

Toshiba’s Use and Protection of Your Customer Proprietary Network Information

Toshiba respects the privacy of its customers and has an obligation to safeguard their customer proprietary network information (CPNI). We use, provide access to and disclose CPNI in accordance with federal law.

What is CPNI?
CPNI is personal information that we obtain through the ordinary course of our customer-carrier relationship with you. CPNI includes information indicating to whom, where, and when you place a call, the types of service offerings to which you subscribe, how much any particular service is used and the technical configuration of the service. CPNI also includes information available from details on your monthly bill. For example, CPNI includes your calling patterns, types of lines, billing records, the frequency, duration, and timing of calls; and any services, such as call waiting and voicemail, to which you subscribe.

CPNI does not include basic subscriber information such as name, address, or telephone number.

How Toshiba Uses CPNI
Subject to the appropriate level of consent provided by you, Toshiba may use your CPNI for varying purposes including marketing services that are the same or different from services which you already obtain from us, sharing your CPNI with our affiliates and authorized agents for marketing or other purposes, processing transactions you request, or providing information to law enforcement agencies. Toshiba also may share your CPNI with our Authorized Dealers who sell our telephone systems and communications products per our direction, as well as third party service providers and suppliers that take part in our provision of services to you.

If you have any questions about Toshiba’s use and protection of your CPNI or would like to restrict the use of your CPNI for marketing purposes, please contact us at: or (949) 583-3700. Your decision to restrict the use of your CPNI will not affect the provision of the Toshiba service to which you subscribe.

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