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To help ensure your VoIP deployment exceeds your expectations and reduce your risks and costs, Toshiba encourages our Dealers and customers to perform a VoIP Network Assessment. Your business needs to understand if your data network can carry high-quality voice transmissions. The odds are that a network upgrade will be needed to successfully deploy VoIP.

Consider the facts: Most “router-based data networks are not ready for successful voice deployment.” - Gartner Group.

Your data network was originally designed to support emails, file transfers and deliver Web pages, not carry high quality voice transmissions. Voice traffic is very time sensitive and can’t be queued like email or Web traffic. Delays up to a half hour for an email or file transfer are generally not a problem, but delays of only a few hundred milliseconds can ruin a VoIP call, producing choppy conversations or dropped calls.

To ensure your VoIP deployment is successful and on budget, you need to find answers to these important questions before deploying:

  • What type of VoIP MOS (Mean Opinion Score) call quality can I expect from my current data network for each business site?
  • Is network delay, loss or jitter the main problem impacting VoIP call quality, and how do I fix it?
  • How many concurrent VoIP calls can my network carry without impacting existing data services?

Toshiba’s VoIP Assessment
The fastest and most cost effective way to determine your network’s VoIP readiness is to conduct a VoIP Network Assessment by contacting your Authorized Toshiba Dealer. The assessment quickly diagnoses your network’s readiness, s so that by the time your business begins a VoIP deployment, you have a converged network that will carry high-quality voice transmissions.

Figure 2 illustrates a VoIP assessment testing the wide-area network (WAN) connections between the Los Angeles and New York offices and between the San Francisco and Denver offices. The assessment is measuring the WAN performance of 20 concurrent VoIP calls between Los Angeles and New York and 15 concurrent VoIP calls between San Francisco and Denver.

Your Authorized Dealer will simply require you download software called a “traffic agent” onto one or two existing PCs or servers per site. Then the assessment is run remotely by our engineers without interrupting your operations. The assessment determines call quality using traffic agents to send actual VoIP traffic across your network. It measures the resulting MOS call quality, network delay, jitter and loss for calls between any of your business sites.

The VoIP calls are run continuously for the duration of the assessment to measure call quality during different times of the day and week. At the end of each VoIP call, the results are reported back from the traffic agents to the test center and logged in a database.

These results are used to create a detailed report summarizing the results of the VoIP assessment. At the end of the assessment our clients know the exact state of their VoIP network readiness:

  • The MOS call quality score between all business sites
  • How many concurrent VoIP calls each WAN will support between sites
  • The amount of network delay, loss and jitter for each WAN and LAN connection and how to eliminate these problems

With this information determined before you deploy VoIP, your
initial deployment will exceed user expectations and reduce
your deployment risks and costs.

Your network was not originally designed to carry high quality voice transmissions. To deploy VoIP successfully you need to conduct a VoIP Network Assessment first. If you skip this important step your probability of difficult network challenges is greater than fifty percent. Eliminate deployment risk, upgrade cost overruns and dissatisfied users by conducting a Toshiba VoIP Network Assessment. Your business will thank you for it.

Organizations that skip this important deployment step experience poor call quality, dissatisfied users, upgrade cost overruns and delayed deployments. Compare in Figure 1 the typical outcome of VoIP deployments that include a VoIP Assessment vs. ones that skip this important step:

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