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Toshiba FAQs are frequently asked questions and answers about our IP telephone systems including: our VIPedge®, cloud-based telephone solution; our IPedge® pure IP, on-premise telephone systems; our Strata® CIX™, converged IP, on-premise telephone systems; and our system applications. Simply select the product category from the drop down menu and/or enter your search term/questions in the box.

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Q: Where can I get new product Brochures for UCedge Unified Communications? Show / Hide Answer

A: These can be found on our public website at: www.telecom.toshiba.com >Learning Tools > Brochures and Data Sheets

Last Updated: 1/27/15

Q: What are UCedge's minimum requirements for Smart Phones? Show / Hide Answer

A: •Android

–Android 4.x


–iOS 7.x and 8.x

–iPhone 4s/5/6


Last Updated: 1/27/15

Q: What is Toshiba’s UCedge? Show / Hide Answer

A: Toshiba’s UCedge™ redefines unified communications with visibility and interworking across Toshiba phone systems and third-party devices — including smartphones, tablets and Windows® and Mac® computer.

Last Updated: 9/29/14

Q: The current UC already had many of those benefits. What’s new now? Show / Hide Answer

A: Topping the list is the ability to have unified communications flow seamlessly across platforms, locations and devices. If your organization uses a mix of Toshiba phone systems — on premises or in the cloud — UCedge sees them as one network. Features work the same across the company and on different device types, including smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. There are new, advanced features too, including federation that enables sharing of presence and instant messages with external users, deskphone pairing, consolidated call and Instant Message history stored in the cloud and more.

Last Updated: 9/29/14

Q: What if I don’t want to give out my mobile number or limit my phone to business use? Show / Hide Answer

A: You don’t have to do either.  When you use UCedge, your mobile number remains private, and your device still does everything it always could do whenever you are not using the UCedge client.

Last Updated: 9/29/14

Q: What systems and devices are compatible with UCedge? Show / Hide Answer

A: Phone systems — Toshiba’s VIPedge® cloud-based business telephone solution, IPedge® business telephone systems, and Strata® CIX IP converged systems with an IPedge Application Server

End-user devices — Windows and Mac OS X® computers, Android™ and Apple® smartphones and tablets

Last Updated: 9/29/14

Q: What are the practical business benefits of UCedge? Show / Hide Answer

A: Save time. Rapidly find contacts in a list synchronized with the office phone system and user-provided avatars. See the status of UCedge colleagues or Microsoft® Lync® users with Toshiba Lync Plug-in before calling them.

Save money. Make calls from your mobile device through the office phone system using a data service rather than cellular, when possible. Make long-distance and international calls at landline rates.

Get more done. Work from anywhere using personal or business mobile devices as a business phone extension. Manage office voice messages easily and quickly with a visual interface on a mobile device.

Provide superior service. Give callers one number to reach you whether you’re in or out of the office. Your personal mobile device performs as a business phone whenever you need it.

Collaborate more easily from anywhere. Share instant messages with colleagues who are busy or on the phone. Stay in touch when traveling internationally.

Last Updated: 9/29/14

Q: What’s in it for mobile users? Show / Hide Answer

A: If you love the IPMobility feature on your IPedge® or Strata® CIX premises-based system or Call Manager Mobile on your VIPedge® cloud solution, you’ll love UCedge for bringing it all together. Toshiba’s UCedge works the same for all device types — mobile or desktop — but mobile users will especially appreciate these on-the-go features. For example:
  • Work from anywhere using personal or business mobile devices as a business phone extension.
  • Be easier to reach from one number — your office number — in or out of the office or out of the country.
  • Pair an Apple® or Android™ device with your desk phone to conveniently initiate dialing via the mobile device.

Last Updated: 9/29/14

Q: How do we get UCedge unified communications? Show / Hide Answer

A: It’s easy. Licenses for the UCedge client are provided as part of the VIPedge cloud-based phone service, or the license is available as an option for the IPedge or Strata CIX premises-based phone systems.

Only one license per user is required, even if the user logs in from multiple mobile and desktop devices.

For mobile devices with a data plan or Wi-Fi® option, just download the UCedge client from the Google Play™ store or the Apple App Store:

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.toshiba.uclient

For iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ucedge/id600608570?mt=8

Last Updated: 9/29/14

Q: What is “trunking”? Show / Hide Answer

A: A trunk is your phone system’s connection to the outside world.  Most organizations use two very different types of trunk connections:
  • A traditional telephone company access line to connect voice calls to the public switched telephone network (PSTN)
  • A broadband access connection for data and Internet access

Many organizations integrate voice and data over the second type of connection and use IP wide area networks (WANs) to link their own locations but still use traditional PSTN trunks to connect outside the company, such as to business partners, suppliers and customers.

Last Updated: 9/29/14

FAQs 1 - 10 of 31  

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