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Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division

Unified Communications

Empower your phone system for greater agility, productivity and differentiated customer care

Office phones, cell phones, voice mail, email, multimedia conferencing, instant messaging and more... your organization has many ways to connect with employees, customers and business partners. But if all those channels work independently, the communication system isn’t delivering all the value that it could.

Toshiba’s Unified Communications Suite enables these various forms of communication to work together, improving. the efficiency, usefulness and acceptance of all of them—while improving the ease of access.

Remove the barriers that inhibit the flow of business.

With unified communications, you can easily:

  • See the availability of co-workers and quickly relay and transmit important information.
  • View a log of incoming and outgoing calls that you can print, search, sort and redial with one click.
  • Drag and drop to organize contacts into logical groups. Sort by name or number.
  • Confer with colleagues using instant chat, or broadcast a text message to a group.
  • Look up and dial extensions with the click of the mouse to call, text chat or broadcast an instant message. The system-generated directory is always up-to-date.
  • Define hundreds of custom buttons to quickly dial numbers or extensions, launch applications, view screen pops of caller information and more.
  • Launch an integrated Web browser to access Internet or intranet pages or local HTML files.
  • View screen pops from your customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Access your emails, voice mails, and fax mails in one place.
  • Route incoming calls to specified destinations based on the caller and/or time of day.
  • Manage and access your mailbox from anywhere via your smart phone.

It’s easy to get started.
Whether your organization uses an on-site IPedge platform or the VIPedge cloud-based telephone solution, all you have to do is license the capabilities you want to use. It’s that easy. For Strata CIX phone systems, just add an IPedge Application Server, if you don’t already have one, to take advantage.

Select the capabilities that meet your specific needs today, then add what you need in the future without having to add hardware.

Unified communications can run on a single phone system or be networked across multiple systems. Architectural flexibility, plus easy integration with companion software applications lets you tailor unified communications to suit the way your organization works.

Learn more about what you can do with Toshiba’s Unified Communications Suite.