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Survivability and Redundancy for IP Telephones

Offices and retail locations place heavy demand on critical business communications such as PCs, switches, routers, firewalls, printers, and especially your telephone system. Telephones remain a vital source for real-time communication with your customers. Survivability solutions from Toshiba ensure your telephone equipment remains on-line and operational.

How Survivability Works
Toshiba’s IPedge and Strata CIX offers real time survivability for IP telephones and SoftIPT® soft phones with the ability to re-register to a secondary (backup) system if the primary system fails. Both the outgoing and incoming calls automatically follow the IP telephones to their new location on the secondary system. whether your business is large or small, you have the solid security of knowing your IP telephones will continue to operate even if the primary system fails.

Secure and Scalable for Any Sized Business
For maximum flexibility, survivability is scalable from one IP telephone to some or all the IP telephones in the primary system. You can choose to program survivability for certain IP telephones (for key individuals) or for specific departments, or for all users within the system. In addition, this flexible solution works with PRI and/or analog trunks to ensure your incoming and outgoing calls will be automatically re-routed to the backup system.

Voice Mail Survivability
Voice mail remains functional on the Media Application Server (MAS) even when the primary or secondary Strata CIX is down, because the MAS can be simultaneously registered to both Strata CIX systems. The voice mail will automatically recover either connection when either the primary or secondary Strata CIX system becomes operational again.