Strata CIX Offers Communications Your Way

Whether your location has 10 users or 1,000, there’s a model in the Strata CIX family that’s right for the need. These platforms can be easily networked together to add capacity or link multiple locations into a cohesive, company-wide phone system.

  • Scalability Easy call handling
  • Configure with a variety of endpoints
  • Create efficiencies
  • Comprehensive features
  • Drive business process integration

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Toshiba Phone Communication

Maximize Your Return on Investment with Strata CIX

Toshiba’s Strata® CIX Family gives your small business, enterprise branch or retail locations powerful IP capabilities, allowing you to communicate when and where you need to.

With the ability to support a mix of IP, digital and analog phones, Strata CIX is ideal for organizations that want to keep using the existing digital phones as long as possible and evolve to IP in phases.

One server, one network, centralized administration, powerful features

Mobility Solutions
Strata CIX integrates voice, video, and data applications over your IP network, making it possible to extend full telephone functionality to local and remote users.

IP and Digital Phones
Strata CIX systems support many types of endpoints and devices, including a complete line of Toshiba IP telephones, SoftIPT® soft phones on notebook computers and smartphones, wireless IP telephones, add-on modules, DSS consoles, attendant consoles, as well as SIP telephones, analog telephones, and Toshiba digital telephones.

Strata Call Manager—Call Control From Your PC
Combine the capabilities of your computer and Toshiba telephone into one powerful communication tool that gives you the ability to dial, answer or transfer calls, and more, using your mouse without ever picking up the telephone.

Advanced Technology Made Easy to Use
Easy-reading LCDs provide quick access to functions. Programmable buttons give one-touch access to the functions you use most. Call handling features let you manage yourcalls—and your schedule—with ease.

Configuration Flexibility
All Toshiba Strata CIX systems allow you to build the communication system your business needs now and lets you expand as your needs grow. It is the most efficient, easy-to-use, and customizable telecommunication system available today.

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