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Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division

Toshiba’s SIP Trunking I-VoIP Service

A single-vendor solution for equipment and service

Connect calls from your IP phone system to the public voice network

Toshiba’s SIP Trunking I-VoIP service enables you to use a broadband access connection to carry voice calls between your Toshiba business phone system and the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Assured call handling and voice quality

Toshiba’s SIP Trunking I-VoIP Service includes valuable features to ensure every call gets the treatment you expect.

Business-grade voice quality.
Toshiba and our dealers provide bandwidth management capabilities to prioritize voice over data to ensure that voice traffic gets the network performance it needs for clear, two-way conversations.

Support for occasional spikes in call volume. For IPedge and Strata CIX systems, SIP trunks are configured with on-demand reserve capacity (call bursting) beyond the channels purchased. For instance, if an Internet ad campaign generates unexpected demand, calls will get through on this spare capacity.

Service continuity. DID Failover Forwarding sends direct inward dial (DID) calls to a specified alternate number, such as a mobile phone. For each DID, you can set calls to forward all the time or only if the broadband connection is unavailable.

Get single-source simplicity for SIP trunking

For greatest simplicity and peace of mind, get your business telephone system and associated telephone service from one trusted source. Your Authorized Toshiba Dealer engineers to your requirements, provides the Toshiba SIP trunk, and configures the router/firewall based on our tested and proven guidelines. No integration hassles. When you pick up the phone, it works. It’s that easy.