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Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division

IP Desktop and Wall-mount Telephones

Choose just the right features for each user’s requirements

Download the IP Telephones BrochureDownload IP Telephones Brochure
Every business location has users with very different roles, needs and expectations. That’s why Toshiba offers a wide range of choice in desktop and wall-mount telephones. With a broad range of available models, you can mix and match, choosing just the right telephone and price point for each user.

Desktop phones—For those who work primarily at their desks:
Desktop phones with microphone and speaker (with mute options, headset interface and programmable feature buttons) are the logical choice. LCD displays (backlit on many models) make functions simple to use. A slim profile and unique, eight-angle tilting base improves office ergonomics.

Laptop/notebook as phone—For serious power users:
With the Call Manager PC version, a Windows laptop or desktop PC can become a powerful tool for managing telephone calls, voice mail, Web, email and more—all point-and-click easy, without ever picking up the telephone.

Attendant consoles—For contact center and administrative staff:
Toshiba offers attendant consoles and add-on modules for 10, 20 or 60 extra programmable buttons. See who’s busy, who’s available, and transfer calls at the touch of a button.

Toshiba IP5131-SDL Toshiba IP5132-SD Toshiba IP5122-SD

9-line Backlit LCD 20 programmable buttons and LCD key labels

IP5531-SDL (non-backlit LCD, 10/100 Mbs only)
IP5631-SDL (10/100 Mbs only)

4-line Backlit LCD 20 programmable buttons


4-line Backlit LCD 10 programmable buttons*

IP5122-SD or IP5122-SDC
IP5022-SD (non-backlit LCD)
IP5522-SD (non-backlit LCD, 10/100 Mbs only)
IP5622-SD (10/100 Mbs only)

* Available with or without local CO line interface.

Toshiba’s IP5000-Series Telephones

  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch for the fastest network access available
  • Large, backlit display for superior readability in variable light environments Sleek, low-profile design and unique tilt-base for versatile phone placement
  • Off-hook call announce through speaker or handset
  • Full duplex speakers for superior sound
  • Onscreen prompts to help you complete common tasks
  • Programmable one-touch buttons for fast access to calling functions
  • Integrated headset interface

The right model for every user

For the perennial multi-tasker, these models feature nine lines, LCD display and 20 programmable feature buttons with LCD key labels. [Insert photos here]

IP5131-SDL—Backlit LCD display, Gigabit Ethernet for fastest network access
IP5531-SDL—Non-backlit LCD display, 10/100 Mbs connection speeds
IP5631-SDL—Backlist LCD display, 10/100 Mbs connection speeds

For the serious user of phone features, this model features four lines, a backlist LCD display and 20 programmable feature buttons with printed labels.


For the typical desk worker, these models feature four lines, LCD display and 10 programmable feature buttons with printed labels.

IP5122-SD or IP5122-SDC with built-in central-office (CO) interface
IP5022-SD—Non-backlit LCD display, Gigabit Ethernet for fastest network access
IP5522-SD—Non-backlit LCD display, 10/100 Mbs connection speeds
IP5622-SD—Backlist display, 10/100 Mbs connection speeds

For high-call-volume users such as sales agents or consultants, Toshiba’s SoftIPT® Softphone gives you the power to stay connected by using a laptop or notebook PC. You can roam anywhere your wireless local area network (WLAN) goes and maintain voice and data functionality. Integration of phone and PC provides powerful tools for managing calls and contacts.