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Toshiba’s Contact Center Solutions

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A contact center doesn’t have to be complex to be powerful, and Toshiba’s Contact Center Suite is simplicity at its finest. Running as an application on the Media Application Server, a robust array of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features makes it easy to manage inbound calls, optimize contact center operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Toshiba Contact Center Solutions Overview

A well-managed contact center can serve customers quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, providing an important competitive advantage to a business of any size.

Toshiba enhances call center operations in several important ways:

Contact Center Applications

Automatic Call Distribution
Toshiba’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) ensures that calls are handled quickly and efficiently. The system runs as an application on the Media Application Server (MAS), along with call reporting, Call Manager, voice mail, and other value-added Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) applications. ACD boasts many sophisticated capabilities, including:

Network Automatic Call Distribution
Network ACD applications enable multi-site contact centers to work together as one call routing system. Network ACD distributes agents over the network and routes calls to available agents on any IPedge® or Strata® CIX™ system on the network. Network ACD checks the status of agents in other nodes before routing calls to those agents. The call center reports include agents and calls over the network and helps Net Phone support features such as Network DSS/BLF and/or Chat between users in multiple nodes.

Multimedia Web Chat and Web Callback
Give customers additional methods of contacting your company. Web Chat enables online customers to initiate an instant messaging chat session with a contact center agent. By providing their names and phone numbers on a Web site, online customers can also request a “call-me-back,” and when a representative becomes available, the ACD application automatically calls the customer. Multimedia Web Callback provides better customer service, reduces hold times and helps reduce contact center operation costs.

The web callback service provides many important capabilities:

Call Reporting Tools
With Toshiba’s call center applications, your call statistics and management reports and live monitoring displays are conveniently accessible online. View live displays and customized reports on everything from call statistics and agent performance to forecasting tools, auto reports, and more using any of several PC-based reporting solutions that are ideal for use with ACD applications.

Call Recording Tools
Call recording/logging enables you to record, store, organize, search, and playback telephone calls to avoid call disputes and improve the quality of training and customer services.

Avoid communication disputes with Tracer, a CTI-enabled digital call recording/logging system. Calls are recorded from start to finish, and Tracer automatically inserts bookmarks in every recording whenever calls are transferred or put on hold. When used together with Call Manager, users have the ability to start and stop recordings or insert bookmarks at important points in a call. Tracer can also help improve your business operations, including training, quality control and customer service.

Tracer Replay
Tracer Replay, included with Tracer, enables you to easily manage your call recording and retrieval functions. Tracer Replay streams the audio from wherever the recording is stored and allows searching by any collected information criteria.

Additional features include: