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A summary of the equipment, network, and data center specifications that ensure delivery of robust, business-grade IP business communications service

Toshiba offers the award-winning IPedge® business communications system as its cloud-based VIPedge® service. With VIPedge, customers get the benefits of an on-premise IPedge system, but instead of buying or leasing an on-site system, they get IPedge capabilities from the cloud as a hosted service for a predictable monthly fee based on size and usage.

With VIPedge, Toshiba provides the data center infrastructure, IPedge servers and managed IP network that delivers the central intelligence of the communications system. All that customers need on-site are a Toshiba-approved router, endpoint user devices, and business-class cable or higher Internet data services to connect those devices to the VIPedge service.

The award-winning benefits of an on-premise Toshiba IPedge® business telephone system but without the need to buy, install or maintain your own core servers

Customer premises equipment for VIPedge service
The whole idea of a hosted service is to simplify equipment requirements. So VIPedge uses minimal administration software, commercially available network devices, and the same high-quality Toshiba endpoint devices as the IPedge system. Customers who choose to migrate to an on-premises IPedge system in the future can reuse the same Toshiba endpoints.

VIPedge — Customer premises hardware and software

Supported user endpoints

Toshiba IP5131-SDL, IP5531-SDL, IP5631-SDL IP desk phones
Toshiba IP4100 SIP DECT mobility phones

Supported routers, firewalls and Ethernet switches

Adtran® Netvanta® router/firewall 3120, 3430, 3448
LG- Ericson 8/24/48 port switches recommended

Software on customer PCs

For unified communications:
Call Manager client software on the user’s PC
Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
For browser-based personal phone administration:
Enterprise Manager Personal Administration (EMPA) application
Microsoft Internet Explorer

Network considerations for business-grade voice

Nearly 20 years ago, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) defined quality of service (QoS) standards and mechanisms for computer networks to carry applications with strict requirements, such as voice over IP (VoIP). Unlike email or batch file transfers, which can tolerate network delays, voice traffic requires guaranteed minimum standards for bit rate, delay, jitter, packet loss, signal-to-noise ratio, echo and other important factors that enable a data network to deliver business-grade voice quality.

Before provisioning the VIPedge service, an Authorized Toshiba Dealer or Toshiba network specialist will conduct a network assessment of the customer’s network to ensure that it delivers the required performance.

VIPedge — Customer Network Performance Standards

Customer local area network (LAN) requirements

Network topology diagram
Power over Ethernet (POE) for IP telephones (recommended)
Layer 3 voice prioritization
Layer 3 DiffServ Enabled
Type DSCP / DSCP for Voice: 46
88kbps (G.711 audio) in each direction per simultaneous call
32kbps (G.729 audio) in each direction per simultaneous call
Jitter: 10 milliseconds (ms) or less (+/- 5 ms)
Packet loss: <0.1 percent
Full-duplex Ethernet on all ports
Target Mean Opinion Score (MOS): 4.0

VoIP requirements for remote users

Network reliability on the link within the customer’s control: 99.99 percent
Layer 3 voice prioritization (recommended)
Layer 3 DiffServe Enabled
ToS (Type of Service) Type DSCP / DSCP for Voice: 46
88kbps (G.711 audio) in each direction per simultaneous call
(Note: Media traffic is peer-to-peer)
Latency: Less than 80ms recommended
Jitter: 20ms or less (+/- 10ms)
Packet loss: < 1 percent

VoIP requirements for WiFi users (using a PC with Call Manager)

Network reliability: 99.99 percent
Quality of Service (QoS)
802.11e/WMM (recommended)
Layer 3 DiffServ Enabled
Type DSCP / DSCP for Voice: 46
88kbps (G.711 audio) in each direction per simultaneous call
32kbps (G.729 audio) in each direction per simultaneous call
(Note: Media traffic is peer-to-peer)
Latency: Less than 80ms recommended
Jitter: 20ms or less (+/- 10ms)
Packet loss: < 1 percent
Support for 802.11b,g,a and n

Customer wide area network (WAN)

Business quality services (not DSL):
    Business-class cable service
    T1/E1 data service
    Metro Ethernet data service

Ensuring robust and secure system performance

Toshiba has established a complete environment for robust and reliable delivery of your hosted business communications services.

Nationwide coverage.
Toshiba has the necessary local, state and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings and carrier backbone coverage for the continental 48 states.

Certified data centers
Toshiba maintains the VIPedge in secure data centers that meet SAS 70 Type II audit standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). These data centers enforce rigorous controls that protect the security, availability and performance of your IP phone system—measures that surpass what any typical small business could provide.

In addition to the usual survivability of servers, storage and network components, VIPedge data centers have three independent HVAC units, with each one able to carry the load for the entire data center if needed. In the event of a utility power outage, the data center keeps running on a 2000-kilowatt standby generator. The VIPedge network has survivable, dedicated connections to Tier 1 Internet backbones.

Physical data center security
VIPedge data centers are built as a “building within a building” to minimize risk from natural disasters. Data centers are further protected by 24/7/365 security, on-site network monitoring, strategically placed access scanners, extensive use of man-traps (interlocking doors, each requiring authentication for entry), dual-authentication access points, and closed-circuit television monitoring with archived storage.

A robust, managed network
Every VIPedge customer reaps the benefits of a data center with a managed IP network that scales with no single point of failure, offering complete backbone survivability with multiple peering partners. The network is protected by enterprise-class firewalls and complete network device survivability to provide multiple network paths to any destination. A traffic-shaping system routes traffic via the fastest path every time.

VIPedge survivability
In the event that a customer’s Internet data service provider or power utility provider experiences an outage, calls can still find their way to users’ cell phones or other devices via an alternate path using the VIPedgeFind-me Follow-me feature.

Vendor stability
Toshiba was founded in 1875. That’s not a typo. 1875. Our parent corporation has been in business for 137 years. Toshiba’s Telecommunication Systems Division is consistently ranked in the top five for IP sites/systems shipped. This track record sets us apart from the new entrants (and quick exits) that are common in today’s VoIP market.

It’s easy to get started.

With secure, enterprise-class data center operations built for always-on performance, your cloud-based VIPedge service can actually be more robust than an on-premises system that sits unprotected in your office or equipment closet, vulnerable to on-site disasters and power outages.

The VIPedge cloud solution is available through Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide. Find out more about how hosted VoIP service can conserve capital and streamline operations while bringing the advantages of IP communications to your business.

Contact your Authorized Toshiba Dealer today.

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