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Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division

Toshiba’s Commitment to Reducing the Environmental Impact of our Business and Production Activities

Ready to Upgrade Your Telephone System?
Toshiba’s telephone systems are built for migration. So as your company changes, our systems can expand to meet your needs. But if you’re ready for a new telephone system or new business telephones, Toshiba wants to help you retire your old technology the right way.

Toshiba recognizes the urgent need for a recycling-based society, and we make every effort to minimize the negative environmental impact our products may cause. In an effort to reduce these impacts and contribute to the formation of a recycling-based society, Toshiba promotes the 3Rs—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Toshiba’s Recycling Programs & Partnerships
Toshiba partners with many organizations to make it easier for our customers to recycle and donate various products. We participate in a number of government programs, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Plug-In to eCycling program, and independent programs such as eBay’s Rethink Initiative.

Toshiba’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Learn more about Toshiba Corporate Social Responsibility.